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It is usually the case that prior to us being contacted by the client, drawings of their proposed project have been completed by their architect. Upon the initial point of contact we shall arrange a mutually convenient time to visit the proposed project site to assess the site conditions, ground levels, location of existing services, etc. We request the client provides copies of all availiable drawings that we can retain to evaluate the project - plans will later be returned upon request.

Our quotations are itemised as clearly as possible - past clients have expressed positively the readability of our quotes which are detailed in a fashion to follow proposed progression of works. Quotations include a listing of all works that we shall undertake, providing the relevant plant, labour and materials. If it is not on the itemised listing - we have not priced for it.

We do not quote for the minimal amount of work to secure the project, and later bill the client for a multitude of extra's - which sadly, is a method some builders chose to undertake. We evaluate the project as professionally as possible, if there is a possibility of a 'grey area' we shall note it accordingly within our quotation. We price to undertake the main building works- nothing more, nothing less. For example, unless specifically requested we do not include for new or reinstatement of external pathways, lawns, etc.

Upon the quotation being submitted we request all clients contact us should they wish quotations be ammended in any way, such as to emit items or possibly include further items. We have been described by one Wrexham Architect as 'not the cheapest of builders, neither the most expensive, but certainly one of the best'.

Should the client accept our quotation we shall request a signed 'client instruction' which confirms your request for ourselves to undertake your project. Likewise it confirms we shall undertake the items listed on the quotation schedule. Quotations are based on a breakdown of regular stage payments from the client.

Following works being commenced, we strive to ensure a daily progression of works on site, and ensure a healthy level of communication with the client. All projects are undertaken with our best intentions and attention to detail.

Potential clients can contact us by telephone 01978 660113 or email build@ajlewis.info

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